Autumn 2011 ~ Cornwall

Early photo inspirations: composite picture including a metal gate in Marseillan, France, and a rustic wooden gate in Falmouth, Cornwall.

(My son is good at graphics and is available for commissions.)


Size 12 -14 UK but will fit up to 40 inch bust.

Coral in Cornwall, models Jade Garden.  Fully lined dressing gown or summer coat.

Belt has now changed to tie-belt in printed white/lilac rose fabric.  Available in Shamanicnights website shop.

Amelia in Falmouth visiting friends during model shoot with Coral.

South Sea bubble is still available.

Purple Lotus is SOLD.

2 thoughts on “Autumn 2011 ~ Cornwall

  1. These are exquisite and beautiful; the colours are so vibrant and matched in a patchwork design that is so delightful and attractive, and the materials that are used so good to the touch! I really like these designs and want to place an order!

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