Design Philosophy

Shamanic Nights makes a personal commitment to recycling fashion.  ‘Up-cycled couture’ better describes my craft business, as each garment is very carefully hand made from cut up recycled clothes.  I make casual women’s wear: dresses, jackets, skirts, dressing gowns, coat-dresses, pinafore dresses and robes.  These unique one-off garments are available to buy online.  Online Shop

I also sell through local Devon Craft Shows in summer months.

All garments are made exclusively from recycled fabrics; good quality cotton, linen, viscose and silk, with a small amount of polyester.  Clothes are chosen from the plethora of good clothes in the charity outlets which proliferate in the UK high streets.  Five garments may go into one new garment, giving a materials cost of £15-30 on average.  Detailed information about the designing process, cutting and sewing, are usually uploaded to the blog when a garment is finished, and ready for sale. 

The design process is one of being inspired by the groupings of fabrics into colourways and textures.  These are collected and added to the ‘colour baskets’ whenever I see something and recall a colourway I have in waiting.

Silk paintings are sometimes included in the patchwork garments, and a relevant informative blog will also appear in the ‘Gallery Blog’ from time to time.  Videos are available of some silk painting work.

Peace silk (which allows the silk worm’s cycle to complete) is used for my silk painting.  Kniazeff professional silk dyes are used which when steamed, impregnate and fixes the colour through both sides, (unlike some silk paintings of cheap, surface-only fabric dyes).  Garments with silk painting have all been machine washed and even the darker colours are proven not to bleed dye.

Some of the garments on the website shop are now sold, but they stay as an example of making, to inspire others, and as a guide to what commissions may be possible.  Eventually they will be archived to a ‘Sold’ page.

For  bespoke commissions with your own up-cycled clothes, using garments no longer fitting, or print designs you would like to give a new life – you may contact me via email or on Google Plus or Twitter.  For special projects, I can source fabrics for you.

Email Amelia J Hoskins (owner)

ShamanicNights website


Shamanic Nights on Twitter

 Shamanic Nights Ethical Fashion  on Google Plus

Recycling Fabrics and Sustainable Upcycled Fashion  G+ Community Owner

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